Baah Yarns and Fibre Art

BAAH YARNS is a small, independant hand dyed yarn & fibre company based in urban Johannesburg, South Africa. We love to play with colour and aim to produce unique hand-dyed colourways on high-quality yarns and fibres that are also cruelty free.

All of our yarns and fibres are kettle dyed using professional acid-based dyes. These dyes are permanently set by the use of a mordant and heat. Once the dyes have been fully absorbed and the kettle water is clear, the yarns and fibre are removed, rinsed and washed with a light, phosphate-free wool wash, and then gently spun and hung out to dry under the South African sun. Some colours may bleed slightly the first few times they are washed, this is normal and in no way means a loss of colour.

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